Dr Ganesh Rakh calls it his "tiny contribution" to improving the lot of the girl child in a country where a traditional preference for boys and an easy availability of antenatal sex screening has resulted in a skewed gender ratio...

In 1961, there were 976 girls for every 1,000 boys under the age of seven. According to the latest census figures released in 2011, that figure has dropped to a dismal 914.

Dr Rakh, who started a small hospital in the western Indian city of Pune in 2007, says that whenever a pregnant woman came for her delivery, all her relatives would come with the hope that the baby would be a boy.

"The biggest challenge for a doctor is to tell relatives that a patient has died. For me, it was equally difficult to tell families that they'd had a daughter," he says.

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"They would celebrate and distribute sweets if a male child was born, but if a girl was born, the relatives would leave the hospital, the mother would cry, and the families would ask for a discount. They would be so disappointed.

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"Many told me that they had taken treatment to ensure the birth of a male child. I was surprised, as I wasn't aware of any such treatment. But they spoke about consulting a holy man, or would talk of putting some medicine into the mother's nostril to ensure she delivered a boy."

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The 2011 census figures were an eye-opener for Dr Rakh, who dotes upon his nine-year-old daughter, his only child. They made him realise how grim the situation really was.

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Campaigners likened female foeticide to genocide, while then prime minister Manmohan Singh described it as a "national shame" and called for a "crusade" to save India's girls.

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On 3 January 2012, Dr Rakh began his own "crusade" - by launching the Mulgi Vachva Abhiyan (which translates from Marathi into "campaign to save the girl child").

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Emergency situations do not just occur outside the hospital - life-threatening situations can also take place in patient rooms. Aside from the intensive care units, this also pertains to general hospital wards, where patients are not as closely monitored. Nursing staffs need to pay special attention in this case because emergencies sometimes announce themselves with certain symptoms.

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Details of Event of American People Visited to Medicare Hospital,Pune.

BiG B Amitabhji Bachchan supported & joined in this MASS PEOPLES MOVEMENT of ' Save The Girl Child ' - Dr Ganesh Rakh, Medicare Hospital, Pune.

This photo is with my daughter , Tanisha , Age - 9 years. She is participating in this campaign & give me energy for this Mass Peoples Movement of " Save The Girl Child " - Dr Ganesh Rakh , Medicare Hospital , Pune.


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Indian Medical Association , shrirampur , doctors association shirdi & shrirampur , district - Ahmadnagar ' ; State - Maharastra supported our campaign ; save the girl child ' - Dr Ganesh Rakh , Medicare Hospital , Pune . They waives their hospital bill in the birth of girl child.

Free Ambulance Service :: We are giving Free Ambulance Services to Delivery Patients in the birth of girl child .. We are giving Free Ambulance Service to all girls patients age up ( Age 0 to 18 years ) - Dr Ganesh Rakh, Medicare Hospital, Pune.

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